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Secure your home in Spain


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What is Bueno?

A new digital bank is launching in Spain

You probably heard about Revolut, Monzo, N26 – these are 100% digital banks challenging traditional banks. Bueno will shortly launch a digital bank with a vision to make it super simple to manage your property abroad. Our services are available to foreigners who own or rent a property abroad, or are looking to buy a property, starting with Spain.

Spanish banks are slow, expensive and not very customer friendly. We are changing all this. Bueno is easy to use, 100% online and our goal is to save you money. We will not only save you money on banking (you will save a lot on banking), we will ensure you have the best deals on utility bills and other expenses, saving you hundreds of Euro per year. Bueno generate its income from low monthly fee, a cost you will easily recover with the many savings we offer you. With Bueno you will have FREE banking.

trusted banking

As a digital challenger bank, we can offer most the services you would expect from high street banks. What truly sets us apart is our innovative banking platform which enables us to offer simplified banking at a fractional of the cost other banks charge.

100% online

Open your account in less than 10 minutes, without having to leave your home. Manage all banking online.

100% secure

Bueno will offer fully licensed banking and insurance services; we are just as safe as any high street bank.

A European bank

We are launching in Spain but as we grow Bueno will become a bank for property owners all over Europe.

Our Pricing Model

Our pricing is based on the size of your property and the type of property. A small apartment has fewer variables than a big house, savings also increase for bigger properties. We believe this is a fair model, our goal is always to maximize your savings while providing a great service.

Most properties will easily save 300 to 800 euro per year as a customer of Bueno.

Become An Owner In Bueno

We are inviting early customers and partners to become an owner in Bueno
Benefit financially by holding shares in the future bank for your home

Visit our investor web to learn more

Be One Of The First To Get Better Banking In Spain

Make sure you register your interest today; we can only accept a limited number of customers in the start to ensure we deliver a first-class customer experience. We will go live early 2021, it takes time to build a new and unique bank, but if you register we will keep up to date on our progress and let you know when you can register your Bueno account.